Museum of Comedy

St Georges, Bloomsbury Way

Founded by Leicester Square Theatre director Martin Witts, the Museum of Comedy features props, artefacts and memorabilia – over six thousand  items.

Examples include: Tommy Cooper’s handmade magic props, the Spitting Image heads, Steptoe and Son’s stuffed bear, Bill Bailey’s 6-neck guitar, items from the collection of Danny La Rue and membership cufflinks from the infamous Krays-owned Churchill Club.

The Museum of Comedy is the main venue used for Players' performances. There is no restaurant but an optional buffet is usually available.

Tickets for shows at the Museum can be obtained:

  • directly from their booking office - see address
  • online through their website
  • sometimes online through this website

Options for buying tickets are indicated for each event.

Upcoming Events

  • No shows at this location
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