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Our own - our very own - Jan Hunt, Creative Director

Welcome to the website of the Players’ Theatre Club. Originally formed in 1927, it staged its first Victorian Music Hall show on December 6th 1937. By a happy coincidence the club performed in the same room, at 43 King Street, as its direct predecessors Mr Joy, and his successor Mr Evans, who called his events “Evans’s, Late Joy’s”.

By staging their own “Late Joys”, Peter Ridgeway and his colleague Leonard Sachs (Yes: THAT Leonard Sachs) launched the Players’ Theatre Club which has now become the ONLY club with the aims of:

  • Auditioning and training new artistes to ensure the future of the genre
  • Enabling them to learn from former artistes by developing ‘clips’ from archive videos
  • Reviving some of the wonderful old songs through creating and making available a database created from the Players’ unique music library and containing over 5,000 items.
  • Providing opportunities for up and coming music hall artistes in their “Old and New faces” music hall programmes.

Here you can find out about forthcoming shows and how to become an Associate Member. You can read about our fascinating history, a typical night at the Players', and the roll call of famous artistes (including Peter Ustinov, Maggie Smith, Clive Dunn, John le Mesurier, Hattie Jacques and many more) who have graced the Players’ stage over the years. You can also view our unique photo library, see (and listen to) famous music hall songs and purchase our CDs.

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Music hall shows

Although we no longer have our own theatre, we continue to put on a number of public music hall shows throughout the year at various venues, including Hoxton Hall. We also have members-only evenings.

We have an arrangement with the fascinating Museum of Comedy to stage our public shows in their Cooper room (named in honour of the late Tommy Cooper, many of whose tricks are on view in the museum).

In addition, we hold biennial parties at the Royal Air Force club in Piccadilly, where the traditional “Interval for refreshments” is extended somewhat to enable our guests to enjoy a two-course supper, before settling down to the second half of a full-scale music hall entertainment.

We are always ready to accept invitations to provide music hall entertainment for any organisation or individual who can provide the venue and audience while we (for a modest fee) provide the artistes.

For our Associates, we arrange member evenings at which one or two regular artistes are supported by several up and coming newcomers.

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The late Johnny Dennis - a regular Chairman at the Players'

Players' Associates

Membership of the Players' is a tradition going back several decades and to this day our supporters are drawn from all corners of the globe and from all walks of life. For just £10 a year, Associates enjoy a number of benefits, including discounted tickets, regular updates and the chance to mingle with music hall artistes at our private events.

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