Brawn, Geoffrey

Geoffrey Brawn was a musician and musical director who appeared many times at the Players' from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Credits include:

Musical arranger of the 1968 film 'A Little of What You Fancy' - a documentary following the history of British Music Hall, its stars and architecture.

1996 adaptation and directorship of F.C. Burnand's original 1862 pantomime "Robin Hood, or The Forester's Fate," performed at the Players' Theatre with Heather Tracy, Vikki Alexander, Clifton Todd, Robert Meadwell, Michael Chance, Tim Godwin, and Kate Alice Woodbridge in the cast.

1995 adaptation and directorship of J.R. Planche's original 1840 pantomime "The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood," performed at the Players' Theatre with Robert Meadwell, Donald Francke, Clifton Todd, Loraine Hart, Karen Broughton, Alison Connell, Michael Chance, Jonathan Ball, Peter Wedd, and Helene Witcombe in the cast.

Geoffrey can be heard on the piano in Players CD 1.

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