‘East meets west’ – another great success!

On Sunday afternoon 2nd July, aficionados of the Players attended their version of Sunday service in
the crypt of the great Victorian church, St George’s, Bloomsbury.

The crypt has been transformed into the Museum of Comedy, with fascinating artifacts, elegant seating
and a lovely small theatre. Oh, and a bar where Players’ Members enjoyed a welcome discount!

Being so close to July 4th (US Independence Day), the show started with traditional English turns, and
then, in the second half, American numbers.

The worthy Chairman, Mark Walsh, kept everything going with great aplomb, occasionally playing
numbers on his ukulele. Members were entertained by the delicious Playerettes. Quite how they all
managed to perform their dance routines without falling off the very small stage remains a mystery, and
the same could be said of the extraordinary tap dancer, Maurice Kachuck.

Jan Hunt has to be congratulated on producing yet another hugely entertaining show, and also performing with her usual huge energy. Long may she continue to do both.

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